Black tea is the most popular type of tea. India produces half of the world’s black tea, with Sri Lanka and Africa making up a large percentage of production. Black tea is enjoyed both hot and cold. Drinking tea has many different and positive effects on health and beauty. It is worth knowing why you should not give up this pleasure and learn about the most important benefits of it.

Black Tea Boost Immune System

The tannins in black tea give it its characteristic taste and help fight viruses such as influenza (“the flu”). Black tea also contains antigens, which help boost immune response. Study shows that it helps prevent cancer as well. Black tea contains polyphenols, which may help fight cancer cells in the body.

Black Tea support Skin Health

Drinking black tea benefits the skin in few ways. First, feeds the skin with vitamins B2, C, and E, with minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Black tea reduces “mimic wrinkles” and signs of premature aging and can also benefit your skin with direct contact/application. For example, placing black tea bags under your eyes helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. And using black tea for herbal baths can be an antioxidant boost for your skin.

Black Tea and Hair Health

The high levels of antioxidants and caffeine in black tea can benefit your hair health. According to research, the caffeine can help stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss. However, excess caffeine may stunt hair growth, so better be careful not to overdo it. Black tea can also add shine and darkness to your hair if you add it into your hair care routine.

Natural way of maintaining bone health

People who drink tea regularly are more likely to have stronger bones and connective tissue than someone who doesn’t drink tea regularly.

Black tea support Nervous System

The caffeine in black tea has been shown to improve mental focus and concentration by promoting blood flow in the brain. helping you concentrate more fully on tasks and stay relaxed at the same time. The caffeine in black tea is less likely to over-stimulate the heart and cause other unpleasant side effect. Studies have shown that one month of four cups of black tea a day reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol enough to boost your memory function.

Black Tea Increases Your Energy Level

Moderate caffeine consumption not only stimulates metabolism, but it also increases overall brain function. Additionally, while caffeine mainly stimulates the muscles, L-theophylline targets the heart, kidneys and respiratory system, so the overall impact on the body is more balanced.

Drinking tea helps you lose weight

Tea contains polyphenols which, together with caffeine, increase energy consumption and fat oxidation, resulting in weight loss. What’s more, it does not cause the negative effects associated with other caffeine rich drinks.

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