Green Tea

Jasmine Green tea

A delicate green tea blend with 100% natural Jasmine petals that are sourced locally and blended in-house.

Special Green Tea

A legendary Warwick specialty green tea that is delicately handpicked and is smooth and refreshing on the palate. 

Peppermint green Tea

A refreshing and minty infusion made using the finest green tea leaves and fresh, natural peppermint leaves. One of our most popular blends!

Flowery Orange Pekoe Tea (FOP)

A smooth, high grown, premium quality green tea from Warwick. Rich in antioxidants and other health benefits.

Black Tea

Flowery orange pekoe TEA

A long wiry black leaf tea that yields a bright orange liquor with subtle flavors of sweetness and undertones of fresh greens to keep the refreshing taste of Havukal lingering into the finish.

Lemon Black tea

The finest black tea from the blue mountains blended with locally sourced, 100% natural lemon pieces.

Winter Frost tea

Simply put, the ‘Champagne of teas’. Encompassing beautiful and aromatic notes comes a perfect winter black tea. A true example of high grown Nilgiri tea.



White tea

A rare silver needle white tea from the misty blue mountains of the Nilgiris. Tender buds are plucked early at a specific time to make this one of the finest, most delicate tasting teas. 

Oolong tea

A handpicked specialty Oolong tea which boasts a smooth consistency with strikingly sweet and delicate floral notes, giving each cup a warm vibrancy. A true example of the Autumn in the Nilgiris.


Masala Chai

India's favorite chai. Blended with 100% natural Indian spices of Cardamom, Ginger, Cloves and Cinnamon.

Chocolate tea

A blissful blend of creamy, smooth & rich cocoa with the finest black tea. Equally popular among Chocolate Fanatics and Tea aficionados.Goes best with milk and whipped cream topping.

Broken orange pekoe TEA

The Havukal BOP makes a strong brisk black tea with exceptional aroma and flavor. A classic, high quality Nilgiri tea, capturing the elegance of the mountains!




Havukal & Warwick Estate,
Kotagiri, Nilgiris,
Tamil Nadu.


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