Amidst the beautiful misty blue mountains of the Nilgiris, lies an enchanting tea garden spread out through the serene valleys and hillsides. India’s love story with all things tea is one that we are truly mesmerised by and make it a point to provide every fellow tea lover a cup of India’s finest high grown teas, whether it’s black tea, green tea or one of our natural blends. Ensuring every cup captures the distinctive elegance and flavours of the Nilgiris.

Each tea leaf comes from a rich heritage and history of sustainable and economically responsible practices to minimise our impact on our surroundings while also helping the local community through various initiatives spearheaded by our team.


South India’s largest producer of Green Tea, can boast tea plants that date back to as early as 1876 and came into the Havukal family in 2003 after which extensive replanting was carried out with quality clones – CR 6017 and B/6/36


Havukal’s first tea plants can be dated back to 1910 and has undertaken a shift to modern and high quality clones of CR 6017 and TRF 4, to ensure high quality high grown teas at 5500-6000 feet above sea level that are also sustainably grown.

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Whole leaf experience

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Sustainable farming

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A sense of community

Havukal and Warwick estates are one of the few gardens in the region to incorporate enlightened and modern management practices to ensure better productivity and sustainability. We make it a point to uplift the community in and around our property to provide a better life for the workers and the locals in the area. The standard practices set by us incorporates comprehensive welfare packages that include free housing, free medical aid and free primary school education for every child in and around the property.

As an organization that remains responsible to the community that it is part of, Havukal and Warwick estates have always responded positively to the needs of the community. As there was no special school for mentally challenged children in the region, we have set up a charitable institution “MAANAS” to impart training and education to those in need. 

Specially trained faculty and a loving, caring environment gives the children the enormous opportunity and push they require for their growth and well-being.


Altogether, Havukal and Warwick presents a way of life that is enlightened, sustainable and based on strong traditional values from which emerge some of the finest quality teas that have found acceptance worldwide.

Tea is experienced best fresh & full of flavour. And we want the best for you!

Normally your teas would be sent to wholesalers, further going to distribution warehouses before the retail stores for sale. Taking at least 6-12 weeks.

While our teas are packed and processed on the estate and shipped to you. Avoiding any adulteration or delays in your experience.





Havukal & Warwick Estate,
Kotagiri, Nilgiris,
Tamil Nadu.



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